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Light Weavers

Welcome to Light Weavers

Space to embody your creative gifts with community

About Us

Hi there! This group was started April 2020 by four women originally from the Buffalo, NY area who want to start a sacred space online for women and femme-identifying sisters to embody their creative gifts (dancing, writing, painting, photography, poetry, etc al) so we can collectively download from spirit, inspire one another and weave a new reality together —ONE of internal and external Peace on Mother Earth.  

We need YOU — your voice, your artistry, your insights, your anger, your frustration, your wisdom, your words to create this tapestry, together.

Why You Should Join Us

This group is different because it will offer prompts to create, move & converse (storytell) weekly around a specific theme within a larger monthly framework where we can connect around important topics that we need to re-vision as a collective.

As we create from our hearts embodied wisdom, we will download a bigger understanding of complex topics so we can each see with fuller perspective as we glimpse into each other’s experience.

Naturally, synchronicities will arise and we call on the highest to guide our hearts, our hands and our voices as we weave light into every facet of our personal, societal, and planetary restructuring.

This group is for artists, dancers, and creatives of all kinds — even if you have never shared your “gifts” before, this is a safe space to share your work, your view, your light — you are needed.

A Big Thanks

Thank you being here with us at this challenging time to support yourself, hone your gifts inside and out, and showing up to be part of Weaving Light into our world.

This community is and will continue to be free.  As we build our community there will be additional smaller meeting circles, workshops, programs and other offerings at add-on prices to create jobs for those needing work from home right now and to support the arts.  Thank you for giving however you choose to share with us.

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